Fall 2022 Cohort

Majority Leaders


This is your one-stop shop for all the recordings, slides, and resources mentioned on our calls, as well as your program workbook.


AUGUST 17, 2022 - Teach-in #1 | Rule 1: Our Lives Are Safe

For our kickoff call, we’ll start learning more about each other and our passions. We’ll dig into the urgency of our current moment and ways to build collective power with women in your own communities and in your daily life. How does what has already happened limit what we imagine is possible? How can this work continue to grow with us, energize us, and be as beautiful and expansive as we are? This session will focus on building our ability to center imagination and mindfulness as we build a different reality for ourselves and our communities.

AUGUST 24, 2022 - Teach-in #2 | Rule 2: Our Bodies Are Respected

We envision a movement that is inclusive and courageous, and that puts the people most impacted at the forefront of our solutions and decisions. In this session we will work to understand the implications of the SCOTUS decision at the federal and state level. We’ll talk about practical next steps that help pregnant people in the short-term, as well as build power in the long-term. We will close with how to combat misinformation around abortion care.

AUGUST 31, 2022 - Teach-in #3 | Rule 3: Our Work Is Valued

What’s your “why”? We’ll dig into the shared values that unite us and ignite us — and practice how to talk about those values and connect them to your activism and leadership as we inspire others to take action.

SEPTEMBER 7, 2022 - Teach-in #4 | Rule 4: Our Families Are Supported

One big way you can make an impact in your community is asking thoughtful, loving questions and connecting with others you can learn from and organize with. This session will focus on asking the right questions to identify your role in the movement.

SEPTEMBER 14, 2022 - Teach-in #5 | Rule 5: Our Government Represents Us

When we are at the table then decisions include us, our voices, and experiences. This session will dig into how you can build relationships with elected officials and hold decision makers accountable when they are making decisions about your life and your community. To close out, we’ll celebrate what we’ve accomplished together and discuss what’s to come. We will close with motivation and encouragement from inspiring activists and organizers.